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Opening personal exhibition
European Cartoon Center (ECC)

Kruishoutem, Belgium, 23 September 2017





Opening of the exhibition "Cartoons from IOA"
Boechout, Belgium, March 2015

52nd Cartoon Festival of Knokke-Heist
Belgium, 2013
Prize-giving ceremony

Receiving the "Davidsfonds" Prize

Receiving the "Silver Hat" Prize

Photo shoot during the press conference

Together with my favourite press cartoonist GAL (Gerard Alsteens)
during the after party on the beach

Cabin Art 2013
1 June 2013 @ Koksijde beach, Belgium
Live painting on beach cabins

19th Euro-Kartoenale, "The Bicycle"
Belgium, 2013
Prize-giving ceremony

On the bicycle: first prize winner Mohsen Asadi from Iran


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