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24th Olense Kartoenale, "Puzzles & Puzzlers"
Belgium, 2012
Prize-giving ceremony

Cartoon Contest "Disability, it's all about human rights"
Belgium, 2012
Prize-giving ceremony

From left to right: Nikola "Ioa" Hendrickx (3rd Prize), Luc Vermeersch (2nd Prize)
and Constantin "Cost" Sunnerberg (1st Prize)


Nikola "Ioa" Hendrickx (left) together with Pascal Smet,
Flemish Minister of Equal Rights (right)

International Cartoon Contest "The Ball Is In Play"
Poland, 2012
Prize-giving ceremony


Sportcartoonale Zemst, Belgium, 2012
"Olympic Games London 2012"
Prize-giving ceremony

IOA together with 1st Prize winner Constantin Sunnerberg

Fedactio Cartoon Contest, Belgium, 2012
"50 years of Turkish migration"
Prize-giving ceremony


Karpik Cartoon Contest, Poland, 2011

Ioa in the local newspapers

From left to right: Cartoonists Henryk Cebula (Poland),
Nikola Hendrickx ('Ioa', Belgium), Daniel Strzelczyk ('Danko', Poland)
and organizer / jury member Michal Graczyk

 Polish cartoonist Henryk Cebula drawing in my sketchbook

Cartoonale 'De Geus', Belgium, 2011
Prize-giving ceremony (3rd prize)

From left to right: Achiel Hutsebaut (Belgium), Constantin Sunnerberg
('Cost', Belgium) and Nikola Hendrickx ('Ioa', Belgium)

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